Update on the Nationwide Walkout:


Epoch Times reported the night before the strike that employees at Raytheon, Honeywell, Thomson Reuters, LA Firefighters, Amtrak and many more – many of them with DECADES of experience under their belt – were walking off the job and striking this week.

And strike they did.

A few sectors, like airlines and trains of course, are not allowed to strike unless certain conditions are met – but it was pretty interesting because yesterday, American Airlines and Southwest terminals at Phoenix International Airport were down. Which had a ripple out effect and caused tons of flights to be delayed and/or canceled. Details still coming in on that front.

Perhaps more interesting, the “airline pilot flu” appears to have jumped industries and affected RAIL FREIGHT.

Rail freight in this country is run by only TWO companies.  And estimates are coming in, from people in the know, that the company that controls freight west of the Mississippi had, in certain key areas, about 85-90% of its employees missing in action yesterday.  People who live near the freight train tracks indicated they had not heard a SINGLE freight train horn since late Sunday night thru this morning (Tuesday).  Then, the other rail freight carrier on the east coast, BNSF, decided — in its brilliance —  to SUE their own worker’s unions.  You read that right:  apparently, BNSF just sued their own engineers, conductors, signalman and maintenance workers’ unions.  So we don’t yet have reports of whether the BNSF boys were out with the flu yesterday… but suffice to say:   if they weren’t having the flu yesterday, most would not be shocked if it were coming their way soon given that their OWN EMPLOYER just sued them all.  This is about to get interesting, as reportedly, a one-day outage of rail freight in this country can cause backlogs of up to a month… and we may be facing more than one day of this strange flu, or whatever it is.

Also yesterday, a video from Procter & Gamble employees hit the internet, which basically indicated that if you like your razors and and other P&G products, you might be shocked to find that those products are missing in action in a few weeks’ time.

On other fronts, Raytheon was reportedly having issues due to swaths of employees being absent yesterday as well, while others in the know in the military are indicating that 7 out of 10 active duty army service members have refused the shot, and have already been written up once.

The Nationwide Walkout is in full swing. This is not about vaccines. This is about Freedom – and it would seem that the workers in America understand that.