Pennsylvania Health Care Workers Call for Medical Freedom


HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania—Hundreds of health care workers gathered on the Pennsylvania Capitol steps Tuesday to protest COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Some had already lost their jobs; others face deadlines and uncertainty.


Get fully vaccinated by a certain date or expect to be fired, their employers say, in an effort to comply with President Joe Biden’s national vaccine mandate.  Some employers will offer weekly COVID testing, based on most recent federal guidlines.

The rally was organized by Wellspan Health workers, but employees from other medical organizations also attended.

“We’re going to fight for you as we have the past two years,” Republican state Sen. Doug Mastriano told rally attendees. “Stay strong. I know there is a lot at risk. I know the left is merciless in their condemnations and judgements. They stand in judgement with anyone who disagrees with them, but if we stand together united, we can change history.”