Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Temporarily Halted by Federal Court

Vice President Joe Biden addresses the Human Rights Campaign Spring Equity Convention in Washington, Friday, March 6, 2015. Biden said the same human rights that African Americans fought for in Selma, Alabama, are at stake for gay rights activists today. Biden is drawing parallels between the civil rights and gay rights movements in a speech to the Human Rights Campaign, a gay rights group. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

A federal appeals court has halted President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for larger businesses, marking a temporary victory for the Right’s resistance to the measure.

Website:  Biden’s vaccine mandate temporarily halted by federal court | Washington Examiner


exas Gov. Greg Abbott, who supported the lawsuit, announced an emergency hearing will take place “soon,” adding in a statement on Twitter that “we will have our day in court to strike down Biden’s unconstitutional abuse of authority.”

The temporary halt was praised by those on the Right, with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton tweeting , “Yesterday, I sued the Biden Admin over its unlawful OSHA vax mandate. WE WON.”

Just hours after the White House issued its new vaccine mandate this week, more than two dozen Republican-led states announced lawsuits challenging the measure.